2016-2017 Catalog

Degree Completion

All candidates for Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, certificates and credentials must complete a Candidate for a Degree form (available in the Student Resource Center) and pay a graduation fee well in advance of their intended date of graduation. The deadlines for filing the Candidate for a Degree form are listed in the Academic Calendar. The purpose of this notification is to provide time to verify with the advisor and the Registrar that all requirements have been met. Diplomas and certificates will be ordered only if this form has been completed and submitted to the Student Resource Center.


Degrees are officially recognized via postings on student transcripts in May, August, and December when students complete their entire program of studies. Degrees are publicly conferred only in May.

Degrees are conferred three times per year, in May, August, and December.  The final deadlines for the Registrar's Office to receive all documentation for program requirements, such as transcripts from other schools, substitution or waiver forms, or any other items outstanding to satisfy final requirements for a degree at HNU, are published each year on the Registrar's website.  If documentation is received after the deadline, a student's academic record will be evaluated for possible conferral during the next conferral date.

Diplomas are prepared and ordered after all grades are received, a final check of requirements is done by the Registrar, and the degrees have been recorded on the transcript. Diplomas and final transcripts are available approximately four months after the degrees are posted. Note that all financial obligations must be cleared before diplomas and transcripts can be released.


Public ceremonies take place in May for students completing their degrees, certificates, and credentials during the academic year. Credential students whose final coursework will be completed in the summer session after Commencement ceremonies may participate in all ceremonies in May. Graduate students who are enrolled in their last units in the Spring, have a grade point average of 3.0 at the time of the ceremonies, and have completed all culminating theses, projects, recitals, and practica are eligible to participate in the ceremonies in May. Any exceptions to these policies are considered by the appropriate Curriculum and Standards Committee. Diplomas and transcripts will record the actual degree date after degree requirements are completed.

Honor Societies

Membership in honor societies is merited by students who meet the academic standards set by each group:

Alpha Theta Epsilon English
Mu Phi Epsilon International Music Honor Fraternity
Pi Delta Phi National French Honor Society
Pi Gamma Mu International Social Science Honor Society
Pi Kappa DeltaNational Forensic Honor Society
Psi Chi National Psychology Honor Society
Sigma Beta DeltaNational Business Honor Society
Sigma Delta Pi National Spanish Honor Society
Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society
Theta Alpha KappaNational Religious Studies/Theology Honor Society