2019-2020 Catalog

ADN to BSN program

The ADN to BSN track enables registered nurses holding the associate degree to continue their nursing studies and earn a BSN. This program provides the opportunity to increase nursing practice knowledge, leadership skills, and professional opportunities without having to repeat nursing courses and clinical experiences. The nursing courses are held once a week. The courses are part of an accelerated program (seven class sessions per term) and offered in a hybrid format (excluding general education requirements). The program can be completed in 15 months, dependent on the course load. Units will be credited to the student for successfully passing the NCLEX.

Admission Requirements

  1. Adult undergraduate application
  2. A current California license as a Registered Nurse or an interim permit.
  3. Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)
  4. GPA of at least 2.75 in all attempted and completed college coursework.
  5. Courses in English 1B and Statistics.
  6. Official transcripts of all college or university coursework.
  7. One letter of recommendation.
  8. International applicants must meet the minimum TOEFL score requirement listed in the International Undergraduate Admission Requirements.

ADN/BSN Nursing Major Curriculum

The upper-division units in the nursing major include the following:

NURS 132Theoretical Basis of Professional Nursing


NURS 141Nursing Research


NURS 142(W)Family and Community Health Nursing I


NURS 142LFamily and Community Health Nursing I Practicum

3, Pass/Fail

NURS 151Leadership and Management in Nursing


NURS 151LLeadership and Management in Nursing Clinical

2 Pass/Fail

NURS 172Informatics


NURS 180Epidemiology


NCLEXNational Council Licensure Examination

11 units

General Education Curriculum

Students enrolled in the ADN/BSN degree program must complete Holy Names University general education courses, as outlined in this catalog.

Students must successfully complete 120 units (including previous coursework) to graduate.