2018-2019 Catalog

Financial Information

Rate Schedule: 2018-2019


Traditional Undergraduates

annual (between 12 and 18 units per semester)

$ 38,800

per semester (between 12 and 18 units)

$ 19,400

less than 12 units or more than 18 units (per unit)

$ 1,331
Adult Program Undergraduates (per unit) $ 724
Graduate and Credential Students (per unit) $ 1,003
ADN/RN to BSN (per unit) $ 754
MSN (all tracks, per unit) $ 1,054


Per unit $ 155

Registration Fee

Summer session and non-matriculated students $ 30

Other Fees

Campus Fee (annual) $ 516
(attend classes at Oakland campus)

Campus Fee (summer) $ 54
(attend classes at Oakland campus)

Access Fee (annual) $ 108
(attend classes off site exclusively)

ID Card replacement $ 30
Application Fee, paper (adult undergraduate students) $ 50
Application Fee, paper (graduate students) $ 65
Application Fee, paper (semester undergraduate students) $ 20
Applicant Fee for FNP students only $ 250
Credit by examination, per unit $ 185
Degree Certification Letter (each copy after initial letter) $ 5
Graduation Fee $ 200
Graduation Fee, credential and certificate students $ 50
Health Insurance, per year, estimate $ 900
Late Registration Fee $ 100
Late Payment Fee $ 250
Library Book Replacement $ 55
Library Book Replacement Processing Fee $ 20

Nursing ATI module, Estimate $ 2,100
Nursing Program Lab Fee (semester) $ 103
MSN Clinical Tracking Fee $ 165
New Program Fee, Graduate $ 30
Nursing Clinical Practice Fee $ 75
Orientation Fee $ 50

PEEL Application/Counseling Fee $ 125
PEEL Evaluation Fee, per course $ 325
Placement file (graduate and credential) $ 25

Each copy after 3

$ 5
Practice Room Rental, per semester (5 hours per week) $ 15
Private Music Lessons, per semester, per instrument $ 750
Recital Fee $ 100
Résumé Writing & Consultation & Employment Counseling

(non-HNU students or employee - per hour)

$ 50


Advanced Composition Competency

$ 35

Employment Testing (HNU and others)—per test

$ 5


$ 5

Official Transcript

Online Request

$ 5

Offline Request

$ 10

Travel-Study Courses

Travel, lodging, and meals for travel-study courses

$ Varies

Room and Board Rates

Per Year

Per Semester


$ 6,812 $ 3,406

Double as Single

$ N/A $ N/A


$ 7,662
$ 3,831

Single w/ bath

$ 9,906
$ 4,953

Mini Single

$ 7,422
$ 3,711

Extended Suite

$ N/A
$ N/A

Board Plans

19 meals per week

$ 6,378
$ 3,187

14 meals per week

$ 6,156
$ 3,078

10 meals per week

$ 5,942
$ 2,971

Other Residence Hall Fees

Housing Reservation Deposit (required)

$ 100

Contract Agreement Cancellation

$ 300

Mailbox Key Replacement

$ 50

Room Key Replacement

$ 50

Residence Hall Access Card Replacement

$ 50

Room Lock Change Fee

$ 50

Improper check out

$ 50


$ 50-100

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Payment is due by the deadlines published by the Student Accounts Office. In most cases, payment is due before the start of the term. Late payment or non-payment of the balance owed may result in late payment fees, interest charges, finance charges, cancellation of the current registration, a hold on future registration, and withholding of transcripts and grades. Unpaid balances for students not enrolled in the current term are subject to collection by a third party; Students are responsible for paying collection fees, interest charges, finance charges, and attorney fees.


There are three options for paying fees and tuition:

  1. Payment in Full

    Payment may be made by cash, check, electronic check, credit card, savings account, or international wire transfer. For students receiving financial aid, payment in full is considered to be payment of any balance owed.

  2. The Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option

    We understand that education expenses are easier to pay when spread over predictable monthly payments. Our monthly payment plan, administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS), is an alternative to large annual or term payments and helps limit borrowing. It is available for a low enrollment fee and includes: convenient monthly payments, 24-hour account access through Tuition Management Systems’ web site, toll-free automated account information, toll-free personal service Monday-Friday at 800-309-1698. For costs and schedules, toll-free phone numbers, or to enroll, visit hnu.afford.com.

  3. Employer Tuition Assistance

    Students whose employers will be reimbursing all or part of their tuition are not required to pay the reimbursement amount in advance if certification from the employer is submitted to the Student Accounts Office prior to the payment deadline. Certification forms are available on the Student Accounts webpage.

Refund Policy


Students who drop one or more classes may be entitled to a full or partial refund of their tuition. In order to be eligible for a refund of tuition, the student must formally drop the class/classes online or on paper via a Schedule Change Form submitted to the Student Resource Center. The amount of tuition refunded depends on the date the student formally drops the class/classes. Enrollment deposits, campus fees, and other fees are non-refundable. There is no tuition refund available for students who drop or withdraw from classes after the tuition refund period. The financial aid award may be adjusted to reflect the change in enrollment; this may result in a balance due to the University. The tuition refund schedule for official drop/withdrawal is published in the Academic Calendar and follows the pattern below:

Semester Classes

Through day 14 of semester 100%
From day 15–21 of semester 50%
After day 21 of semester 0%

Accelerated Term Classes

Through day 14 of term 100%
After day 14 of term 0%


Fees are non-refundable.

Adult Students Taking Courses in Traditional Program

An ABD or BSN student may take classes in the traditional undergraduate program. However, if 50% or more of the units in any semester are taken in the traditional program, the adult student will be charged the traditional student tuition rate for all units in that term.