2018-2019 Catalog

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry welcomes students, faculty, and staff, of diverse cultures, religions, and beliefs, to grow in relationship with God and others by:

Fostering prayer and worship in The Spirit;

  • Sunday, Weekday and Special Liturgies
  • Meditation and Interfaith Prayer Services
  • Sacramental Preparation & Adult Faith Formation

Creating spaces of safety, hospitality and nourishment in The Spirit

  • Altar Outreach
  • Red Tent Outreach
  • Residence Hall Programs 

Building a community that is resilient in The Spirit;

  • Faith in Action Together (FIAT),  leadership team
  • Retreats
  • Individual Spiritual Direction

Growing a shared presence on campus and beyond

  • Mid-Week Wisdom
  • Prayer resources
  • Outreach service in Oakland