2018-2019 Catalog

Distance Education Online Policy

  1. Distance Education is a formal educational process using technological delivery in which the majority of instructional interaction occurs where students and instructors are not in the same place. Instruction may be synchronous or asynchronous. Distance education may employ correspondence study, audio, video, or other electronically-mediated technologies. Academic courses or programs are considered to be distance education entities when fifty percent or more of the content is delivered through distance education modes. Currently, HNU does not offer any fully online programs.
  2. Holy Names University (HNU) offers online courses in a learning centered environment that fulfill the same objectives, meet the same outcomes, and are assessed with the same rigor as traditional courses. Just as traditional courses observe standards appropriate to that mode, online courses observe the guidelines and standards in this document.
  3. All HNU courses will adhere to current HNU policies and bylaws, and to all WSCUC requirements.
  4. Definitions
    1. Online Course: An online course provides all instruction in an asynchronous manner and has limited or no regular on-campus schedule, with the exception of proctored assignments when applicable. Synchronous chat room activities or interactive video may be used when appropriate.
    2. Hybrid Course: A hybrid course shall have flexible learning formats to enhance student learning. It includes an in-class component, but the format may differ from a traditional course by using flexible class meeting times, flipped classrooms, online components, and/or other delivery modalities (such as video, interactive video,etc.).
    3. Traditional Course: A traditional course conducts all class sessions on campus in a synchronous manner. Traditional courses may use web resources for course management such as posting class notes, quizzes, or other class resources. Students enrolled in traditional courses with important or required web components may access any online course components through HNU computer labs.