2021-2022 Catalog

Integrative Studies Across Cultures

All freshmen take ISAC 001: The First-Year Seminar.

Four chronological courses (ISAC 101, ISAC 102, ISAC 103, ISAC 104) form a coherent, unified, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural study of human experience. The Senior Colloquium (ISAC 195(W)) is the capstone course in which senior students integrate the knowledge and skills gained in their major field with those acquired in their general education.

Learning Outcomes

  • Cultural and historical literacy: Attain a degree of cultural and historical literacy about important persons, places, ideas, institutions, events, movements and developments from ancient to contemporary times in a manner informed by multiple cultural perspectives.
  • Interdisciplinary analysis and synthesis: Develop skills in interdisciplinary analysis (critically reading and understanding primary texts) and synthesis (making comparisons across cultures, across times, and connecting to fundamental human experiences and relationships.
  • Information literacy and written/verbal communication: Develop skills in information literacy and written/verbal communication culminating in a Senior Colloquium research paper that creatively, rigorously, and cogently examines an issue of ethical or historical significance.

Integrative Studies Across Cultures Courses