2021-2022 Catalog


Currently the coursework in mathematics supports the general education requirement and a variety of majors in the University.

Mathematics Remediation

Pre-university-level math classes (MATH A and MATH C) are offered to help entering students enhance their quantitative skills in preparation for university (GE level) mathematics. Students who place below GE level on the HNU Mathematics Placement Assessment are required to enroll in the appropriate pre-university course at HNU or to complete self-paced remediation to reach GE level placement by the end of their third semester. Failure to reach GE level placement by the end of the subsequent (fourth semester) will result in a hold placed on the student record prohibiting registration.

These pre-university level math courses are letter graded in order to provide students with accurate feedback regarding their progress but MATH A and MATH C do not count toward HNU graduation requirements or cumulative GPA.

Mathematics Courses