2021-2022 Catalog

Politics & History

*Effective Fall 2021,  HNU will not be accepting any new students into this program.

The Politics & History major at Holy Names offers students an in-depth exploration of the fields of political science and historical studies, and the many ways in which they intersect. Integrating a foundation in the liberal arts and social justice with a strong emphasis on policy analysis and public history, this new major provides students with rigorous training, various internship and experiential learning opportunities, and solid preparation for a range of professions.

Career Paths:

According to the American Political Science Association (LINK: http://www.apsanet.org/CAREERS/Careers-In-Political-Science/Careers-Sectors-for-Political-Science), undergraduate political science training offers great preparation for careers in business, public administration, law, international affairs, journalism, and the non-profit sector.

The historical studies component of our program focuses on the rising sub-field of public history, which is linked to an exciting array of professions. The National Council on Public History (LINK: http://ncph.org/what-is-publichistory/about-the-field/) explains: “Public historians come in all shapes and sizes…. historical consultants, museum professionals, government historians, archivists, oral historians, cultural resource managers, curators, film and media producers, historical interpreters, historic preservationists, policy advisers, local historians, and community activists, among many other job descriptions. All share an interest and commitment to making history relevant and useful in the public sphere.”