2021-2022 Catalog


Working within a liberal arts framework, students majoring in Psychology at Holy Names University come to an understanding of persons, the processes by which they develop, and the effects of cultural, social, and environmental factors on behavior.

Fields within Psychology include social psychology, personality, clinical and counseling psychology, developmental psychology, biological psychology, cognitive psychology, experimental psychology, and psychological measurement and assessment.

The goals of the HNU program include (1) a breadth of knowledge in psychology; (2) exposure to various fields of psychology, including the research methods used to study them; (3) critical thinking within a psychological perspective; (4) skill in spoken and written communication of psychological material (including writing in the APA format); (5) awareness of, and concern for, values and ethics as they apply to various fields in psychology; and (6) enhancement of the student’s own personal and interpersonal awareness and growth.

The HNU program also offers small class size and flexibility of program design; studies culminate in an integrative senior seminar with an emphasis on the history of psychology. Within the context of a basic set of courses, students can design a program preparing them for graduate school or a wide variety of careers. Internships based on student interests are encouraged in the junior or senior year.

In the workplace, psychology applies its knowledge and methodology to practical problems and concerns. Psychology majors work in many areas, such as education, business, social service and other helping professions.

After graduate study, Psychology alumni have entered careers in such areas as marriage and family counseling, social work, clinical psychology, college and university teaching, law, educational administration, organizational development, theology, and ministry.

The program awards the Kennedy-Parrish Psychology Scholarship, a partial tuition grant open to full-time juniors and seniors in Psychology. The award is based on need, scholastic achievement, and promise in psychology.

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